A Concrete future

for eradicating homelessness in Staffordshire with Concrete

Working alongside an external agency, we found that having one charity that provided both domestic abuse services and homelessness services was confusing, and people struggled to explain exactly what we did.

So we’ve split the charity into two brands – Concrete, for our homelessness prevention charity and Glow, for the domestic abuse service.

Concrete is on a mission to make homelessness history and helps those without a plan, without a voice and without a home, build Concrete futures.

Our promises to customers:

  • We’ll stick with you
  • We’ll give you a voice
  • We’ll put our heart into it
  • We’ll see a person, not a label

We also found that our Group model was confusing and that customers, partners and staff struggled to explain what all of our brands collectively did.

Honeycomb Group is our new group brand, which, as well as Concrete, includes affordable housing provider, Staffs Housing, home improvement agency, Revival and domestic abuse charity, Glow.

The changes we have made means we are clearer about all of the things that we do, what we stand for and the promises we make to our customers.

Diane Lea, Honeycomb Group Chief Executive, said: “We’ve done this for customers, staff and partners. Everyone deserves to know about the work we do and the impact we have.”