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  • Today we celebrate the 1st birthday of our Young Persons’ Accommodation Service!

    Today we’re celebrating the first birthday of our Young Persons’ Accommodation Service. In the last 12 months we’ve supported over 45 young care leavers, who may have experienced turbulent, traumatic and unstable times, and left without a permanent home. After being in care, young people are often forgotten about or moved from place to place. Not able to settle anywhere…

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  • Is now the time to end homelessness for good?

    Director of Support and Wellbeing Melanie Dunn believes so…  Here at Concrete our mission is to make homelessness history. It’s a big statement but we’re not alone in achieving it. We’re part of a national movement tackling homelessness from the inside out, addressing the factors that cause it as well as giving people the tools and knowledge they need to…

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  • World Refugee Day calls for a more united world

    Omar and Saskia were a young refugee couple who fled Iraq to find safety here in the UK. They had nothing but each other and the clothes on their backs. They waited a long and gruelling 18 months before they were finally granted refugee status in the UK. It was during those 18 months that Saskia found out she was…

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