Ryan’s story

This #WorldHomelessnessDay we’re sharing Ryan’s story

Ryan* spent many years street homeless, stuck in a vicious cycle of offending to feed his substance addiction. He came to Concrete in 2017 but wasn’t ready to engage. Never the less, we worked with local agencies to find other support for Ryan and made sure he knew he could come back whenever he needed our support.

Eventually Ryan did get in touch and managed to turn his life around!

Read his story here…

“I had a pretty chaotic childhood. My mum passed away when I was 13 and because my dad suffered with his mental health my sister and I were in and out of care.

“Growing up wasn’t much easier, I kept finding myself homeless and lived in local hostels for a number of years. I was really suffering with my mental health issues too. I was diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia after self-harming and suicide attempts. I couldn’t cope and started to self-medicate with drugs and alcohol.

“In 2017 I was offered accommodation at Concrete’s Pointon House. Unfortunately I couldn’t settle in but Concrete helped me gain a tenancy with another charity. I moved into the new accommodation but a short while later I was sent to prison for offending to fund my substance addiction.

“When I was released I didn’t think there was much hope for me but Concrete were able to advocate for me to get another tenancy. I was given a place in shared accommodation but my poor mental health and behaviour meant I was evicted.

“I was street homeless again stuck in a vicious cycle of offending to fund my lifestyle.

“I didn’t think anyone would help me again but when I went back to Concrete’s Pointon House they offered me food, clothing and a shower. They wanted to help me find a home too but my chaotic lifestyle meant I kept missing appointments. Concrete didn’t give up though. Later that year I was given a place to stay at another local charity.

“Concrete’s support didn’t end there though. They would take me to my appointments and invited me back to Pointon House to engage in their activities. This wasn’t all. Concrete wanted me to have a permanent home. I couldn’t believe it when they managed to secure a private rented home for me.

“I was going to have my own home for the first time!

“Concrete helped me with my deposit, setting up my bills, creating a budget and even furniture and clothing. They still support me with all of my appointments and help me keep myself healthy and happy.

“My life has changed so much I have even been able to get in touch with my daughter who I haven’t seen for years. I still go back to Pointon House for cooking activities, days out, walking activities and even supported one of their charity fundraising events.

“I finally have control over my life. My mental health is stable and my self-esteem is back. I’m now looking into computer courses and starting driving lessons.

“I can see the light at the end of the tunnel!”

*we value the safety of those we support, so we’ve changed their name.

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